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Produce Services of L.A. is a Los Angeles based wholesale produce company, and one of the most respected produce distributors in the …

Read MoreFor over 30 years, Produce Services of Los Angeles has earned its reputation as the wholesale produce distributor of choice for the Southern California hospitality industry including restaurants, cafes, juice bars, hospitals and schools. We have earned this reputation by offering consistently fresh produce and service that is unrivaled. Over 350 top restaurants trust Produce Services of LA as their produce wholesaler! In addition to conventional and organic wholesale fruits and vegetables, PSLA is a wholesale supplier of pre-cut produce, dairy, dry goods, and frozen fruits and vegetables. There are many Los Angeles produce companies but only one Produce Services of Los Angeles.

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Top Restaurants Choose PSLA

Produce Services of Los Angeles is a Los Angeles produce company built around providing industry leading service and top quality produce.

Read MoreWe understand the demands of the restaurant industry and tailor our services to meet your needs. Whether its early deliveries, or sourcing hard to find specialty produce items, our customer service representatives are here to serve you 24 hours a day. Produce Services Los Angeles currently operates a fleet of 20 trucks with state of the art refrigeration systems and offers deliveries 6 days a week throughout Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange, And San Diego Counties. Our produce distribution facility is located just two blocks from the wholesale produce market in LA. This proximity, mixed with our logistics experience, allows our wholesale produce company to deliver the freshest produce available from the farm, directly to your foodservice establishment daily!

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Why Produce Services Of LA?

Produce Services of Los Angeles is not like other wholesale produce companies. We take pride in what we do and it shows.

Read MoreMany of our people have been with us since the beginning and their dedication to your satisfaction shows through on every customer interaction. We have an ongoing commitment to investing in technology to streamline the way you do business and consistently evaluate and improve our processes to provide you with the best value available. Our people have a passion for produce and we are committed to developing partnerships that transcend the typical relationship between produce distributor and customer!

What customers are saying

What our customers say...

“We love Produce Services of L.A.! They are a wholesale produce company that offers amazing quality and customer service. We take a lot of pride in who we choose as our produce vendor, and we could not be happier with Produce Services of Los Angeles. They are a wholesale produce company that tailors itself to your needs to help you grow your business. High quality produce, varieties of options, exceptionally clean trucks, and a friendly staff.”

Jason Wishengrad
Executive Vice President, The Stand & TLT Food

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