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Historians and food anthropologists all agree – people have been dining out since the ancient times. Evidence of public restaurants has been found throughout Greece, Eastern Europe and China dating back to ‘BC’ times. Apparently the residents of the doomed Roman city of Pompeii were especially fond of eating out...

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Pop quiz – what’s the most universal menu item in America, the one dish that you’ll find served everywhere; dingy truck stops, hipster-infested diners, fast-food joints and swanky Michelin-stared restaurants – they’ve all got it. (Hint – it’s in the title). Of course, we’re talking about the mighty Caesar...

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Truffles… No, not the chocolate kind! The exotic, elusive little pungent nuggets that continue to rein as culinary royalty; the diamonds of fine dining. Aside from their addictive, intoxicating aroma and reputation as the world’s most expensive food, what do you know about truffles? Here’s a few quick facts about...

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LOS ANGELES, California – August 5, 2014 – Produce Services of Los Angeles, Inc. is proud to announce our partnership with Chef Daniel Shemtob, the youngest recipient of Zagat’s 2013 30 under 30 distinction and creative force behind such ventures as THE LIME TRUCK, winner of FOOD NETWORK’S “The...

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