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The 4000 Year History Of Pomegranates It seems like the simple pomegranate, a.k.a. Punica granada, has rocketed to rockstar status virtually overnight – just a few short years ago very few consumers knew what a pomegranate was (let alone how to eat them)! Thanks to their status as a...

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It’s Pumpkin Time… 5 Intriguing Facts! As summer gives way to fall, pumpkins begin to take center stage. Harvested in October, this versatile and highly nutritious fruit can be found in desserts, soups and breads. Pumpkins are deeply ingrained into our fall customs, from pumpkin carvings to traditional Thanksgiving...

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Wondering Why The Price of Butter Is Skyrocketing? Let Me Explain! Fat’s back! After decades of fat shaming and the relentless push towards low-fat, no-fat or even fake-fat products (remember Olean? yuk!) Americans are once again proclaiming their love of butterfat; in 2014, per capita butter consumption in the...

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LOS ANGELES, California – October 11, 2014 –  Produce Services of Los Angeles, Inc. and Daniel Shemtob of the Lime Truck and TLT team up to support The Girl Scouts of America. Join us on Oct 11, 2014 at El Dorado Park In Long Beach as we support the...

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