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Our Take On 2015 Restaurant Trends As 2014 winds up, most folks are focused on making New Year’s resolutions – you know, those well-intentioned promises that less than 10% actually keep….. Of course, as per usual chefs and restaurateurs are the exception to the norm – right about now, they’re...

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The Fifth Taste…  An Introduction To Umami! We all know about the four tastes; sweet, sour, salty and bitter, but did you know there’s actually a fifth taste? That’s right – it’s called Umami, the Japanese word for ‘deliciousness’, and according to the Smithsonian, it’s what makes food taste...

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What On Earth Is A Jerusalem Artichoke? Let Us Explain! The Jerusalem artichoke….a.k.a. the sunchoke, and sun root have been the topic of many heated debates among chefs, foodies and farmers. Our crop-rearing neighbors to the north see the Helianthus Tuberosus as a nuisance, while the Brits embrace this nutty tuber for...

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