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With their blood red flesh, addictive sweet flavor and impressive nutritional profile, it’s easy to see why cherries have been a go-to fruit among everyone from prehistoric cavemen to Michelin-star chefs. Archaeologists have discovered fossilized cherry pits in Stone Age caves throughout Europe and Asia, and around 300 BCE the Greek...

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Chicory Cheat Sheet Looking for a way to add a unique flavor, great texture, and vibrant color to your salads? Need a break from traditional lettuces and salad greens? Want to put veggies from the chicory family on your menu? While the actual origins of commercially-grown chicory is a...

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Think You know Persimmons? Think Again Here in California, the arrival of the persimmon crop at Produce Services of Los Angeles is a sure sign that summer is officially over and autumn has arrived.  Its also a sign that we are ready to be the persimmon distributor of choice...

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Los Angeles Produce Company Joins Forces with Pacific Foods To Become Hemp Milk Distributor Los Angeles, CA – Who says milk has to be boring? Now that Produce Services of Los Angeles is working with Pacific Foods, you will no longer need to search for a hemp milk distributor...

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Blueberries –  Everything You Need To Know Blueberries are one of America’s favorites berries for a reason. Perfect for breakfast, snack time, or even in desserts, blueberries are delicious, healthy, and versatile in restaurants throughout the worlds. Maybe you purchase blueberries regularly, or have them as a part of...

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Pluots – Amazing and Delicious Love plums? Love apricots? Now you can love both together. The pluot is among the most popular hybrids claiming space on grocery store shelves, offering a flavor defined by both sweetness and depth. With a lighter skin and a bold center ranging from deep...

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Turmeric – A Brief History Turmeric is a little known exotic delicacy that is becoming more popular among foodies and health nuts alike. Its used in Indian curry, cheese, rice, and smoothies? Surprisingly, many foods are commonly paired with this agent root vegetable. With applications that range from dye to...

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Raspberries: Yes, Please! When you pop raspberries in your mouth, sprinkle a few into a salad, or place one carefully onto a luscious tart, did you know that you’re enjoying one of the healthiest fruits in nature? Raspberries are jam-packed with powerful antioxidants that protect your body against damage...

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OC Chefs – Battle of the Chefs Chef Ron Fougeray and Chef Leo Razo are facing off in the kitchen during Oc Chef Life’sBattle of the Chefs. In this competition, sponsored by PSLA, OC chefs put their skills to the test in front of our live studio audience to see who...

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Chef Spotlight: Michele Ragussis Born and raised in New England, Michele Ragussis has lived and worked among some of the biggest food capitals of the east. She calls Brooklyn home, but visits New York regularly and has lived in Connecticut, Maine and other northeast states, so it’s not surprising...

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