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Santa Monica Farmers Market When it comes to sourcing the best in fresh local produce, the year-round Santa Monica Farmers Market is a must-stop destination among chefs and foodies alike. Each Wednesday from 8:30am to 1:30pm this thriving, growers-only open air market brings 75 of the top producers from across SoCal...

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Mango:  So Beautiful, So Tasty…   Packed with sweet, tropical flavor and a laundry list of healthy nutrients, mangos are the ultimate go-to snack. They’re perfect on their own, blended into a smoothie, or even warmed up on the grill, and they’re available year-round from your local produce distribution...

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Chef’s Roll and PSLA Partnership On August 14, 2017, Chef Tim Hollingsworth and his team at Otium Restaurant hosted Chef’s Roll, Chef’s Plate 14 – the first regional heat of this year’s Kaaboo Rock’N Chef Competition. Produce Services of Los Angeles was the exclusive produce sponsor and proud supporter of this Chef’s Roll event. Here’s a quick overview...

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Kiwi: Beautiful and Tasty Kiwi from New Zealand are available throughout the summertime, ensuring consumers and food service outlets have a steady year-round supply of these juicy, nutrient-packed treats. California Kiwifruit Production The California Kiwifruit harvest lasts from late September through to mid-November, with the large, sweet Hayward variety being the...

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Fiddleheads – Wild, Edible, Delicious Fiddlehead ferns, are a delectable, edible immature fern that’s become a springtime favorite among chefs and foodies alike. They’re named for their distinctive, tightly-wound shape that resembles the head of a fiddle, and their flavor is a cross between asparagus and fresh green peas,...

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PSLA & Chef’s Roll In San Diego! Business people were grabbing their heavily augmented doses of caffeine via extra expresso shots, college students were sitting in corner cafes studying, and the usual sweaty post work crowd meandered through the streets like a slow flowing river. Over the years San Diego has...

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Acerola:  Vitamin C Superstar Pop quiz: Name a fruit that looks like a red Bing cherry, has a pleasant sweet flavor with notes of apple, and is packed with 30 to 80 times more Vitamin C than oranges have? The answer? Acerola! Also known as the Barbados cherry, West...

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Graviola: The Next Big Superfruit Looking for the next big thing in nutrient-packed, flavor-filled superfoods? If so, you’ll want to check out graviola, a sweet, white-fleshed fruit native of Central and South America that’s being used to create everything from exotic ice cream to cheesecake and ultra-healthy ready-to-serve graviola...

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Sarah Baumert – Chef Spotlight “Reality TV is set up to make people entertaining. A good person with values and principles is not good television.” Ronda Rousey Chef Sarah Baumert – Professional kitchens are hotbeds of human interest stories – ask any chef how they landed in their current...

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Chef Spotlight:  Grand Master Chef JoJo Produce Services of Los Angeles is a wholesale produce company that specializes in providing top chefs throughout Southern California with the freshest wholesale fruits and vegetables around.  We have seen it ALL!!!  We have been doing this for over 30 years, so its very...

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