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Did You Know? Amazing Facts About Cranberries What fruit is native to North America, grows in bogs, and is synonymous with the holiday season? It’s cranberries, of course! Naturally tart and brilliantly-colored, these little nutrient-packed nuggets invoke memories of the holidays – cranberry sauce served with the Thanksgiving turkey,...

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Frozen Fruits And Vegetables: What is IQF? As the adage goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. While this may not be entirely accurate, fruit and vegetables are a vitally important part of a healthy and balanced diet, providing essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In addition, they...

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Pitaya VS Dragon Fruit: Whats the difference? Fruit is a large part of eating a balanced diet, and one that is often preferred to its vegetable counterparts. Perfect in smoothies, as a part of a marinade, or as a quick snack with you need a little sugar, fruit offers...

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Supplier Spotlight: Tambor Acai For more than 30 years, LA’s top restaurants and food service outlets have counted on Produce Services of Los Angeles to deliver the freshest, most innovative produce, dairy and dry goods to the demanding Southern California market. Our success depends on our partners – that’s...

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Pitaya Plus – Frozen Pitaya Produce Services of Los Angeles is thrilled to be a wholesale Pitaya Plus frozen pitaya distributor.  Not only is pitaya fruit an incredible, all-natural, low-sugar superfruit, but the company that first brought frozen pitaya smoothie packs to the United States is pretty amazing too – here’s...

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The Secrets of Banana Ripening The banana is a favorite fruit among Americans across the country, providing a great source of potassium and other vital nutrients. Eaten alone or cooked in recipes, bananas offer affordable flexibility to both chefs, and retail consumers. Soft, sweet, and healthy, bananas have a...

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California Peaches: A Sweet Story Some of the greatest nicknames, stories and quirky sayings come from the food we eat. Peaches, an ancient fruit lends itself quite nicely to this. “Aren’t you a peach” of course refers to the amazing sweetness that can be found within tree-ripened freestone or...

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Supplier Spotlight: Driscoll Berries Summer’s right around the corner, and you know what that means… berries are in season! Juicy blueberries, succulent strawberries, tart raspberries, luscious blackberries… it’s enough to make anyone’s mouth water! They’ll be tossed into salads, baked into pies and cakes, garnished on top of desserts...

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Supplier Spotlight: Fresh Origins Microgreens Southern California is home to the best local produce in the country world, grown by the best farmers in the world! Ok, maybe we’re a bit biased here at Produce Services of Los Angeles, thanks to amazing local producers like Fresh Origins microgreens. This compact San...

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Supplier Spotlight: Muranaka Farm At Produce Services of Los Angeles, we’re proud to bring our customers the best in locally-sourced fresh vegetables, fruits, leading California-based farmers whenever possible. Every case of kale, head of lettuce and basket of peaches has a story – today we’d like to share with...

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