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Supplier Spotlight: Fresh Origins Microgreens

Southern California is home to the best local produce in the country world, grown by the best farmers in the world!

Ok, maybe we’re a bit biased here at Produce Services of Los Angeles, thanks to amazing local producers like Fresh Origins microgreens. This compact San Diego-area family farm is “America’s leading producer of micro greens and edible flowers” – here’s their story:

From Flowers To Microgreens

Fresh Origins was founded in 1995 by David Sasuga, a 20-year veteran of the flowering plant industry who began growing tiny seedling herbs for local chefs. Word of David’s amazing microgreens spread quickly throughout the culinary world, and with the help of his daughter Kelly, David transformed his small family farm into a world-class facility that now offers over 300 different products!

Big Things From Tiny Greens

Fresh Origins provides chefs with a reliable, year-round source of ultra-fresh micro greens, edible flowers and shoots; they also grow incredible specialty items like Tiny Veggies, pea tendril and petite greens in a dizzying array of flavors, colors and varieties!

Fresh Origins micro greens, sprouts and veggies have become staples in many of California’s top restaurants and bars. That’s right – bars! Micro greens produces a unique lineup of edible flowers, herbs and micro greens designed specifically for cocktails – we’ll drink to that!

Fresh Origins plants and hand-harvests daily throughout the year to both deliver a steady supply of micro greens to their customers.   David and Kelly Sasuga have made environmental sustainability a top priority at Fresh Origins. They control unwanted pests with special screens, sticky tape and all-natural herb oils, while their 120,000 greenhouse trays are hand-watered daily to conserve water. Thanks to the mild climate in the San Diego area, they rarely need to use heating or cooling systems in their greenhouses – this helps to further minimize their ‘carbon footprint’.

Food Safety at Fresh Origins

The Sasugas’ are dedicated to delivering safe local produce to professional chefs – that’s why they’ve become third-party certified in Greenhouse Production, Packing House operations and Harvest Crew. They are also a member of the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA), which includes numerous random field audits by USDA inspectors along with regular audits by LGMA inspectors.

Looking For Inspiration? 

If you’re wondering what to do with all those flavor-packed edible flowers, incredible micro greens and super-cute tiny vegetables produced at Fresh Origins, check out their social media feeds! This ultra-modern family farm maintains active Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts where you can check out what chefs are whipping up with their favorite Fresh Origins products!

Produce Services of Los Angeles, Inc. is a distributor of the full line of Fresh Origins micro greens as well as a large variety of other wholesale fruits and vegetables.

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