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Cooking on the Lam (Lamb & Love) Starring Aron Habiger & Jason Fullilove

In life we’re not always running away from something, but perhaps running toward something- an idea, a dream, an inspiration. A pursuit can be so powerful that it can’t be confined to a single space. That kind of energy is bound to cause anyone to take notice. Cooking on the Lam definitely caught our attention.


Rogue chefs going against convention to create the kind of atmosphere that keeps people guessing, and inspired. They’ve embraced the pop-up restaurant and are able to create a space that is new and different, with a menu that is unique to its environment .


Photo Credit: Aron Harbiger

That’s where Produce Services Los Angeles, LA’s favorite wholesale produce distributor comes in. Providing not only staple fresh produce that is essential to any dining experience, but helping these genius chefs utilize more obscure ingredients like exotic mushrooms, rainbow swiss chard, delicata squash, local winter melon, and an assortment of Fresh Origins Microgreens.

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Photo Credit:  Evan Oliver

The brain-child of Chef Aron Habiger, alum of such well known fine dining establishments as Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s Petit Trois, Cooking on the Lam is a vision this artistic talent is only beginning to realize; melding his traditional experience at The Crosby in Santa Ana, and his travels across this country and beyond- all in pursuit of culinary Nirvana.

Enter Chef Jason Fullilove, the illustrious chef who has worked with restaurants like Malibu Pier, and The Patina Group. Sharing a similar dream, Chef Jason Fullilove is creating a magical fusion of inspired soul food, with a sophisticated edge. He is currently working on his brain child Barbara Jean.


Photo Credit: Jason Fullilove

Chef Habiger and Chef Jason Fullilove are pushing the limits of their dreams. They’re taking the best of what they know, the culmination of their professional experiences, and running with them. They are “on the lam” and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Produce Services Los Angeles is proud to supply wholesale produce to both Chef Aron Habiger and Chef Jason Fullilove and to be a partner of their lofty pursuit and wish them continued success on the road ahead.


Photo Credit: Aron Habiger

Produce Services of Los Angeles is a proud partner and produce supplier to over 400 restaurants throughout Southern California!  We carry a full line of fresh and frozen fruits and vegtables along with dairy and dry goods!

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