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Maria Santos

PSLA BRAND AMBASSADOR (Certified Nutritionist / Dietician / Chef)

A wise person once said, “everything comes to pass, nothing comes to stay.” This is true of a moment, an experience, or a purpose in life. Imagine your life planned ahead of you with a clear vision for yourself. Then fate intervenes and all you thought that was, wasn’t. Growing up in Brazil, Maria Santos was pursuing her dream of becoming an accomplished ballerina. She began dancing at the age of 5, and even from that young age she had her goal in mind and her intentions set. The hard work and discipline needed to maintain that type of drive for years speaks to a particular type of person. Sacrifice becomes common place and fighting off constant distractions becomes a matter of course. And even with such precise determination, life can take an unexpected turn. In her early twenties, Maria sustained a severe knee injury and was no longer able to pursue her dream.


At this moment she faced a new kind of struggle. Not the familiar frustrations of balancing her life as a dancer, but the enormous effort required to find a new identity. Through the ensuing battle with depression and self-image, she discovered, as she describes it, the healing power of food. Maria found herself helping others by cooking and assisting them with their nutrition. In doing so, she realized a new passion. With no shortage of commitment she threw herself headlong into this newfound love. She became a dietician and a holistic chef, bringing her determined spirit to this new endeavor.

As she explains, she was drawn to the all-encompassing wellness that is accomplished by following a healthy lifestyle. This lead her to become both a registered dietician and nutritionist. She understands the mind-body connection, and embraces the idea that one cannot enjoy true health unless attention is paid to both. Seeing the deeper relationship with nutrition and well-being led her to work with the truly ill, including cancer and HIV patients. In doing so she was able to draw a direct correlation between food and disease prevention, and strives to help all her clients maintain their optimal level of health. She incorporates whole foods to inspire her clients’ palates, remembering that delicious food shouldn’t be limited to the unhealthy choices. Maria’s clients span a range of demographics with varying degrees of fitness, but the goal is always the same- to create the fullest life possible without compromise.


Maria understands that knowledge is the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy wellbeing. She continues to educate herself in order to bring the best nutritional information to her clients. Recently she attended an intensive workshop at the renowned Matthew Kenney Culinary workspace. Matthew Kenney is considered an innovator when it comes to the art of plant-based raw cuisine, so there was no better place for Maria to expand her culinary expertise. The workshop covered various subjects from blending the highest quality nut milks, pureeing the perfect smoothie, sourcing optimal ingredients, creating delicately savory raw entrees, and the all-important flavor balancing. Each topic emphasized the value and importance of beauty, taste, and nutrition, elevating each dish into a unique work of art.

Newly inspired, Maria is working her magic in the kitchen. Each dish is a true masterpiece; visually stunning, incredibly tasty, and of course has the highest nutritional value. Produce Services of Los Angeles considers it an honor to partner with a chef who holds such high ideals. She brings passion and joy to every dietary pursuit, and purpose to each person she encounters. Maria has the ability to empower her clients to transform their lives with every meal. Hers has certainly been a winding road, but her dedication to herself has led her to where she is today. She chose to live in the moment and not dwell on the dreams she was forced to leave behind. PSLA admires her spirit and dedication and looks to her continued success in bringing harmony to her clients and the culinary world.


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