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Los Angeles Produce Company Joins Forces with Pacific Foods To Become Hemp Milk Distributor

Los Angeles, CA – Who says milk has to be boring? Now that Produce Services of Los Angeles is working with Pacific Foods, you will no longer need to search for a hemp milk distributor in Los Angeles.

As the landscape of restaurants and the customers they service evolve, Produce Services of Los Angeles is pleased to add Pacific Foods Hemp Milk to an already-diverse offering of wholesale produce, dairy, and dry goods. Ideal for restaurants that offer options for customers who choose to abstain from animal products, hemp milk can add a little something extra to any restaurant business.

Hemp Milk: Fun, Fresh, and Fantastic

You know soy milk and almond milk, but do you know hemp milk? The latest trend in safe, sustainable dairy substitutes, hemp milk is the newest nut / seed based beverage item to come onto the market. Produced by blending water and hemp seeds into a smooth, creamy consistency, hemp milk is thicker than traditional cow’s milk and packed with vitamins, minerals, unavailable in most dairy products.

Hemp derivatives are high in omega-3s, protein, Vitamins A, E, and B12, all ten essential amino acids, and calcium, helping you to facilitate strong bones and good health without asking yourself, “got milk?”

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

With the flexibility to order by the case, and mix and match, Produce Services has positioned itself to reach every corner of the market with the Pacific Hemp Milk Products.

PSLA will carry the following Hemp Milk SKU’s:

  • Unsweetened hemp milk
  • Original hemp milk
  • Chocolate hemp milk


About Pacific Foods

Pacific Foods is an Oregon-based producer and supplier of dairy-free beverages, free-range meats, tofu, soups, meals, and side dishes. Since 1987, Pacific Foods has worked to source only pure, organic ingredients via sustainable practices, creating simple, wholesome recipes that support healthy habits and enrich communities.

About Produce Services of Los Angeles

Produce Services of Los Angeles is a proud partner and wholesale produce supplier to over 400 restaurants throughout Southern California! In addition to being a Pacific Foods hemp milk distributor, we carry a full line of wholesale fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables along with dairy, and dry goods.  Not only do we support local farmers and source local produce whenever possible, we support up and coming talent in the food community.

Please REQUEST A QUOTE or visit our homepage at www.pslainc.com to learn more!

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